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50 recent cash changes
Milo2024-06-14 19:023.00loser of game012693
NathanMcBride2024-06-14 19:023.00winner of game012693
eogen2024-06-13 23:323.00loser of game012692
NathanMcBride2024-06-13 23:323.00winner of game012692
ben ani2024-06-10 21:5525.00award from tournament EoF
Flyingmatthew2024-06-10 21:5526.00award from tournament EoF
eogen2024-06-10 21:5527.00award from tournament EoF
morvael2024-06-10 21:5528.00award from tournament EoF
NathanMcBride2024-06-10 21:5529.00award from tournament EoF
Milo2024-06-10 21:5532.00award from tournament EoF
Moro2024-06-10 21:5536.00award from tournament EoF
Dragonian2024-06-10 21:5544.00award from tournament EoF
shadowhunt2024-06-10 21:5567.00award from tournament EoF
Kajetanek2024-06-10 18:25-10.00pay fee for Movie Sealed
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 15:393.00loser of game012690
NathanMcBride2024-06-08 15:393.00winner of game012690
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.18scrap of 3x 18U140 Streets of Bree
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.18scrap of 3x 18U132 All Life Flees
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.36scrap of 6x 18C131 White Hand Uruk
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.18scrap of 3x 18U130 White Hand Traveler
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.18scrap of 3x 18U139 Steward's Tomb
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.18scrap of 3x 18U138 Sirannon Ruins
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.12scrap of 2x 18U137 Morannon Plains
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.36scrap of 6x 18C129 White Hand Sieger
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:070.36scrap of 6x 18C128 White Hand Mystic
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U136 Mithlond
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.12scrap of 2x 18U135 Foot of Mount Doom
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U134 Doorway to Doom
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.42scrap of 7x 18C125 White Hand Exorciser
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C124 White Hand Attacker
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U123 Tracking the Prize
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U121 Pikes Upon Pikes
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U120 New Forges Built
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C109 Make a Run For It
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.12scrap of 2x 18U108 Golden Perch Ale
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C106 A Dragon's Tale
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C117 Ghastly Wound
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C116 Fury of the Evil Army
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U104 Surrendered Weapons
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C103 Rohirrim Recruit
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C101 Precise Attack
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U111 Robin Smallburrow, Shirriff Cock-Robin
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U110 Prized Lagan
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C94 Cast from the Hall
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.12scrap of 2x 18U93 Wary Orc
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.12scrap of 2x 18U92 War Preparations
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.42scrap of 7x 18C91 Orkish Sneak
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.36scrap of 6x 18C90 Orkish Skirmisher
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U79 Frenzy of Arrows
Flyingmatthew2024-06-08 14:060.18scrap of 3x 18U78 Destroyers and Usurpers