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Cards offered by Homie
WhatPrice $Count
0P12 Gimli, Son of Glóin (F)29.002
0P13 Legolas, Greenleaf (F)29.901
0P16 Faramir, Son of Denethor9.844
0P17 Éowyn, Lady of Rohan29.901
0P18 Sméagol, Old Noser15.935
0P22 Fell Beast24.991
0P24 Legolas, Elven Stalwart24.841
0P27 Frodo, Resolute Hobbit14.921
0P30 The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow24.952
0P32 Gandalf, Mithrandir34.961
0P33 Firefoot14.842
0P34 Gimli's Helm14.921
0P35 Faramir, Captain of Gondor8.901
0P36 Whip of Many Thongs24.991
0P37 The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgûl44.981
0P38 Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick14.914
0P39 Éowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden49.952
0P40 Axe of Erebor13.922
0P41 Aragorn's Bow35.001
0P42 The Balrog's Sword7.872
0P43 Úlairë Nelya, Ringwraith in Twilight24.983
0P44 Glamdring, Lightning Brand14.942
0P45 Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark35.001
0P46 Gimli, Skilled Defender8.931
0P48 Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant29.911
0P51 Radagast, The Brown34.981
0P52 Goldberry, River-daughter19.941
0P53 Tom Bombadil, The Master49.944
0P56 Ghân-buri-Ghân, Chieftain of the Woses44.961
0P57 Radagast's Staff49.921
0P58 Anárion, Lord of Anórien34.924
0P59 Erkenbrand, Master of Westfold29.962
0P60 Tom Bombadil's Hat14.951
0P81 Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow (F)32.851
0P98 Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (F)28.943
0P99 Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter (F)24.871
0P100 The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor (F)9.911
0P101 Orophin, Brother of Haldir (F)23.921
0P102 Gríma, Footman of Saruman (F)14.932
0P106 Háma, Captain of the King's Guard (F)24.971
0P109 Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine Riders (F)34.912
0P110 Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (F)24.951
0P111 Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders (F)19.851
0P112 Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders (F)24.931
0P113 Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine Riders (F)34.971
0P115 Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine Riders (F)19.951
0P116 Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine Riders (F)28.853
0P118 Éowyn, Restless Warrior (F)29.952
0P120 Isengard Marauder (F)4.904
7R79 Andúril, Flame of the West (T)29.931
1R1 The One Ring, Isildur's Bane3.951
1R14 Gimli's Battle Axe0.971
1R22 Mithril Shaft0.571
1R23 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf15.001
1R28 Wealth of Moria0.941
1R30 Arwen, Daughter of Elrond4.721
1R34 Celeborn, Lord of Lórien1.491
1R35 The Council of Elrond0.681
1R38 Double Shot35.001
1R49 The Last Alliance of Elves and Men35.001
1R55 The Mirror of Galadriel19.991
1R62 The Splendor of Their Banners2.971
1R69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer from Bree0.951
1R72 Gandalf, Friend of the Shirefolk35.001
1R83 Servant of the Secret Fire35.001
1R87 A Wizard Is Never Late35.001
1R88 An Able Guide14.001
1R90 Aragorn's Bow8.991
1R93 Arwen's Fate0.091
1R96 Boromir, Lord of Gondor5.991
1R99 Change of Plans19.991
1R100 The Choice of Lúthien0.981
1R125 Greed1.291
1R127 Lurtz, Servant of Isengard25.001
1R128 Lurtz's Battle Cry4.974
1R131 Orthanc Assassin25.001
1R132 Parry0.651
1R137 Saruman's Reach0.871
1R139 Savagery to Match Their Numbers34.991
1R140 Spies of Saruman15.001
1R143 Troop of Uruk-hai25.001
1R148 Uruk Lieutenant34.991
1R165 Cave Troll of Moria, Scourge of the Black Pit25.001
1R167 Denizens Enraged0.992
1R175 Goblin Domain1.991
1R183 Goblin Swarms34.991
1R186 Guard Commander0.492
1R200 The Underdeeps of Moria9.991
1R204 All Veils Removed0.463
1R208 Black Steed34.991
1R216 Morgul Blade1.991
1R224 Return to Its Master2.971
1R230 Úlairë Cantëa, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur25.001
1R236 Úlairë Toldëa, Messenger of Morgul25.001
1R237 The Witch-king, Lord of Angmar25.001
1R240 Band of the Eye25.001
1R243 Despair0.752
1R244 Desperate Defense of the Ring25.001
1R245 Desperate Measures7.261
1R247 Enheartened Foe1.971
1R250 Hate35.001
1R252 The Irresistible Shadow0.691
1R253 Journey Into Danger0.932
1R256 Morgul Hunter25.001
1R259 Morgul Warden1.951
1R264 Orc Bowmen25.001
1R265 Orc Butchery0.771
1R276 Seeking Its Master0.992
1R279 Thin and Stretched25.001
1R289 Frodo, Old Bilbo's Heir2.872
1R291 The Gaffer, Sam's Father0.981
1R307 Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence0.481
1R308 Power According to His Stature25.001
1R310 Sam, Faithful Companion25.001
1R318 Thrór's Map0.891
2R1 Beneath the Mountains0.982
2R7 Glóin, Friend to Thorin1.442
2R11 Make Light of Burdens0.793
2R12 Realm of Dwarrowdelf1.772
2R19 Release the Angry Flood1.471
2R20 Secret Sentinels8.301
2R22 Gandalf's Staff2.851
2R25 Járnsmid, Merchant from Dale0.693
2R27 Staff Asunder1.491
2R36 No Mere Ranger0.493
2R39 Beyond the Height of Men1.391
2R50 The Balrog's Sword1.481
2R52 The Balrog, Flame of Udûn1.991
2R53 Cave Troll's Chain2.981
2R57 Final Cry2.971
2R80 Stricken Dumb0.982
2R85 The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgûl24.981
2R100 Fearing the Worst1.951
2R108 O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!4.891
2R113 Red Book of Westmarch3.982
3R1 Book of Mazarbul4.9626
3R3 Mines of Khazad-Dûm7.0624
3R8 Arwen, Lady Undómiel0.9627
3R13 Elrond, Herald to Gil-galad17.8325
3R15 Forests of Lothlórien2.3828
3R17 Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Wood9.2523
3R19 Gift of the Evenstar0.9727
3R21 Long-knives of Legolas4.8726
3R23 Nenya4.1625
3R27 Vilya3.4727
3R29 Betrayal of Isengard2.9628
3R34 Narya0.9826
3R38 Aragorn, Heir to the White City15.0027
3R39 Banner of the White Tree6.9925
3R40 Citadel of Minas Tirith21.0023
3R41 Gondor Bowmen25.0023
3R42 Horn of Boromir1.9728
3R44 The Shards of Narsil0.8627
3R50 Can You Protect Me From Yourself?2.4725
3R52 A Fell Voice on the Air1.3826
3R54 Hollowing of Isengard2.2628
3R64 Orc Commander7.9923
3R65 Orc Overseer19.9726
3R66 Orthanc Berserker2.9926
3R67 The Palantír of Orthanc8.9828
3R68 Saruman, Keeper of Isengard25.0026
3R71 Tower of Orthanc9.0024
3R77 Depths of Moria9.9326
3R80 Such a Little Thing1.3826
3R81 Gates of the Dead City9.9425
3R85 Too Great and Terrible3.9628
3R91 His Cruelty and Malice2.4927
3R91 His Cruelty and Malice (F)80.001
3R93 Morgul Slayer1.6426
3R99 Orc Trooper0.8825
3R102 Our List of Allies Grows Thin0.8626
3R103 Terrible as the Dawn0.9928
3R104 Tower of Barad-dûr18.9626
3R105 Why Shouldn't I Keep It?0.3527
3R110 Melilot Brandybuck, Merry Dancer1.8927
3R113 The Shire Countryside12.9924
4R1 The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles7.964
4R29 No Refuge20.251
4R35 Wake of Destruction30.001
4R40 Wulf, Dunlending Chieftain23.001
4R69 Final Count3.973
4R72 Killing Field8.971
4R75 Lembas10.001
4R95 Into Dark Tunnels15.001
4R103 Treebeard, Earthborn14.981
4R106 Well Met Indeed15.001
4R111 Boromir, My Brother13.981
4R118 Faramir's Bow16.241
4R120 Forbidden Pool4.991
4R124 Help in Doubt and Need25.001
4R133 Ruins of Osgiliath14.332
4R139 Banished9.001
4R140 Beyond All Hope4.003
4R149 Driven Back4.973
4R164 Orthanc Champion7.332
4R168 Race Across the Mark2.992
4R169 Ranged Commander19.003
4R219 Desert Lord25.001
4R247 Southron Bow16.001
4R256 Southron Troop2.993
4R290 Supplies of the Mark9.962
4R303 Frodo's Cloak15.001
5R3 Leaping Blaze8.991
5R4 Wild Men of the Hills6.991
5R7 Gimli, Skilled Defender10.002
5R11 Break the Charge5.991
5R16 Down From the Hills6.963
5R18 Fury of the White Rider15.001
5R21 Be Back Soon15.001
5R25 Gollum, Stinker14.731
5R29 Sméagol, Slinker7.991
5R51 Gríma, Chief Counselor5.972
5R56 Saruman, Master of Foul Folk9.981
5R58 Sharku, Warg-captain11.972
5R59 Sharku's Warg15.001
5R70 Army of Haradrim8.321
5R71 Company of Haradrim6.921
5R82 Gamling, Warrior of Rohan9.942
5R86 No Rest for the Weary2.472
5R89 Rohirrim Helm7.971
5R94 Thundering Host10.981
5R96 Eye of Barad-Dûr4.991
5R102 Morannon14.982
5R112 No Help for It15.001
5R116 Sting, Baggins Heirloom7.972
6R6 Hill Clan15.001
6R7 Ready to Fall24.983
6R11 Toss Me9.993
6R15 Elrond, Keeper of Vilya3.991
6R18 Galadriel, Keeper of Nenya8.972
6R23 Naith Warband19.991
6R28 Ent Horde24.991
6R30 Gandalf, Mithrandir7.982
6R31 Glamdring, Lightning Brand19.991
6R35 Skinbark, Fladrif14.981
6R39 Don't Look at Them7.991
6R41 Master Broke His Promise9.991
6R46 They Stole It12.003
6R50 Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples19.003
6R82 Trample5.981
6R89 Winged and Ominous7.991
6R92 Éomer, Rohirrim Captain3.981
6R96 News From the Mark4.991
6R103 Gate Troll6.981
6R109 Held4.981
6R114 Pippin, Hastiest of All9.982
7C1 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring (F)3.502
7R5 Dark Ways2.4415
7R7 Gimli, Feared Axeman5.9718
7R9 Gimli's Battle Axe, Trusted Weapon24.9511
7R10 Loyalty Unshaken4.9815
7C11 Out of Darkness (F)4.501
7R12 Preparations15.0018
7R16 Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden5.9417
7R17 Asfaloth, Elven Steed9.9714
7R18 Bow of the Galadhrim, Gift of Galadriel14.9714
7R21 Elrond, Elven Lord7.9918
7R22 Hope Comes14.9713
7R24 Leaving Forever9.9713
7R25 Legolas, Fearless Marksman15.0018
7R27 Mirkwood Bowman9.9812
7R28 Shadow Between18.9815
7R32 The Board Is Set22.9812
7R33 Citadel to Gate7.9914
7C34 Echoes of Valinor (F)4.001
7R37 Gandalf, Manager of Wizards12.3110
7R38 Gandalf's Staff, Focus of Power15.0017
7R39 Glamdring, Elven Blade9.9514
7R43 Light the Beacons34.9810
7R44 Moment of Respite14.9614
7R48 Stay This Madness18.9813
7R50 Terrible and Evil34.919
7C53 Captured by the Ring (F)4.501
7R56 The Dead City2.9718
7R57 Fat One Wants It14.9810
7R58 Gollum, Plotting Deceiver19.9216
7R61 Hobbitses Are Dead16.6714
7R63 Let Her Deal With Them9.9716
7R66 No Safe Places15.0016
7R67 Plotting9.999
7R68 Scouting5.8918
7R69 Secret Paths15.0016
7R70 Serving the Precious2.9013
7R71 Sméagol, Always Helps19.9613
7R73 Sneaking!15.0016
7R74 So Polite14.9815
7C76 Very Nice Friends (F)4.001
7R79 Andúril, Flame of the West24.9910
7R80 Andúril, King's Blade19.9614
7C82 Cirion (F)4.501
7R85 Denethor, Steward of the City19.9915
7R87 Derufin18.9813
7R91 Faramir, Wizard's Pupil19.0015
7R95 Gondor Still Stands18.9814
7R97 Gondorian Merchant4.9814
7R100 Greatest Stronghold9.7813
7R101 Guarded9.0015
7R103 Hearts Raised16.6613
7R104 Hidden Knowledge29.9812
7C105 I Will Go (F)4.001
7C108 Knight's Spear (F)4.501
7R112 Noble Leaders24.986
7R113 Pippin's Armor1.9912
7R114 Pippin's Sword8.4716
7R119 Seventh Level3.9716
7R122 Strong and Old25.0015
7C124 Targon (F)4.001
7R127 Vorondil4.9413
7R129 Bold Men and Grim18.9812
7C133 Desert Runner (F)4.501
7C141 Easterling Attacker (F)4.601
7R143 Easterling Footman29.9814
7R145 Easterling Regiment9.4812
7R148 Fierce in Despair24.989
7R152 Mûmak Commander5.8611
7R158 Rout14.9811
7R159 Small Hope29.9911
7R163 Southron Chieftain2.9912
7R164 Southron Conqueror14.969
7R165 Southron Intruder5.9714
7R166 Southron Leader5.9513
7R167 Southron Marksmen11.996
7R169 Surging Up5.9715
7R170 Suzerain of Harad8.9711
7R177 Feel His Blade2.8512
7R179 Ghastly Host5.9617
7R180 Gorbag, Lieutenant of Cirith Ungol4.9511
7R181 Held Ground5.8715
7R182 Loathsome1.9914
7R183 Mind and Body3.9410
7R188 Morgul Brute49.986
7R191 Morgul Detachment3.9612
7C193 Morgul Lackey (F)4.501
7R197 Morgul Regiment19.9514
7R204 Out of Sight and Shot16.678
7R205 Put Forth His Strength8.9614
7R206 Stronghold of Minas Morgul9.9216
7R210 Úlairë Attëa, Wraith on Wings8.9411
7R211 Úlairë Cantëa, Faster Than Winds18.9814
7R213 Úlairë Lemenya, Assailing Minion25.0014
7R215 Úlairë Nelya, Assailing Minion14.9815
7R219 Úlairë Toldëa, Wraith on Wings11.9413
7R221 The Witch-king, Morgul King25.0014
7R223 Death They Cried1.9914
7R227 Éomer, Skilled Tactician21.9616
7R228 Éowyn, Dernhelm18.9815
7R230 Éowyn's Sword, Dernhelm's Blade18.979
7R232 Firefoot, Éomer's Steed8.4715
7R233 Grimbold, Marshal of Rohan5.0013
7R236 Herugrim, Sword of the Mark10.6713
7R239 Léowyn24.9814
7R241 Merry's Armor1.9713
7R242 Merry's Sword9.9812
7R249 Seeking New Foes5.8716
7R250 Snowmane8.9714
7R251 Stern People29.9815
7R255 Théoden, Rekindled King8.9512
7R260 Windfola29.9812
7R261 With Strength to Fight5.9712
7R266 Breached2.4517
7R267 Din of Arms14.4912
7R268 Encirclement5.8713
7R269 Fires Raged Unchecked14.9913
7R274 Gorgoroth Officer19.9515
7R279 Gorgoroth Troop9.9513
7R283 Legions of Morgul8.9819
7R284 Mordor Assassin8.9510
7R286 Mordor Fighter5.8415
7C288 Mordor Regular (F)4.501
7C291 Mordor Trooper (F)4.001
7R306 Orc Seeker4.9713
7R308 Rally the Host5.5017
7R311 Siege Commander4.9313
7R314 Stronghold of Cirith Ungol8.8614
7R316 Troop Tower15.0013
7R318 Frodo, Wicked Masster!8.9511
7R321 Merry, Swordthain11.3113
7R324 Pippin, Wearer of Black and Silver9.6713
7R325 Pressing On5.9716
7R327 Sam, Resolute Halfling1.8510
8R2 Battle in Earnest1.9225
8R3 Blood Runs Chill12.3625
8R7 Unheard of0.4729
8R11 Life of the Eldar1.8426
8R12 Reckless We Rode4.9724
8R15 Gandalf, Leader of Men4.3725
8R20 Saved From the Fire21.0019
8R21 Shadowfax, Greatheart0.9427
8R24 Promise Keeping19.0021
8R25 Shelob, Eater of Light8.9829
8R27 Sméagol, Slippery Sneak4.9624
8U29 Still Far Ahead (F)9.001
8C30 Web (F)3.001
8R32 Catapult2.7824
8R33 Elessar's Edict4.9622
8R36 Garrison of Gondor4.9723
8R37 Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth1.9226
8R38 King of the Dead, Oathbreaker4.9326
8C39 Knight of Dol Amroth (F)4.501
8R43 Shadow Host1.2427
8R49 Black Númenorean21.0024
8R51 Castamir of Umbar18.0021
8R57 Corsair Marauder21.0018
8R62 Heavy Axeman2.9822
8R65 Ships of Great Draught21.0024
8R67 Between Nazgûl and Prey18.0027
8R68 Beyond All Darkness2.7926
8R70 Black Flail4.9824
8R72 Gothmog, Morgul Commander2.7226
8C75 Morgul Creeper (F)4.501
8R77 Morgul Squealer5.8723
8R81 Úlairë Otsëa, Thrall of The One14.9719
8R84 The Witch-king, Black Captain11.9722
8R88 Éowyn's Shield1.9327
8R91 Rohirrim Army5.8824
8R92 Théoden, Tall and Proud7.8326
8R93 Called Away0.7724
8R95 Gorgoroth Assassin15.0029
8R96 Gorgoroth Berserker8.9332
8R103 Grond, Hammer of the Underworld2.9426
8R105 Olog-hai of Mordor5.8823
8R108 Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of Sauron4.9725
8R113 Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs1.9124
8R115 Unheeded29.9922
9R+1 The One Ring, The Binding Ring (F)7.571
9R5 Linnar, Dwarven Lord (F)0.359
9R6 Ring of Accretion (F)0.069
9R8 Ring of Guile (F)1.3410
9R9 Ring of Retribution (F)3.438
9R10 Sindri, Dwarven Lord (F)0.849
9R11 Úri, Dwarven Lord (F)1.349
9R+12 Aiglos (F)34.991
9R13 Elven Rope (F)0.369
9R+14 Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom (F)39.001
9R+16 Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath (F)17.911
9R+17 Knife of the Galadhrim (F)35.001
9R18 Merry's Dagger (F)0.069
9R19 Narya, Ring of Fire (F)1.238
9R20 Nenya, Ring of Adamant (F)2.3210
9R21 Pippin's Dagger (F)0.849
9R22 Strands of Elven Hair (F)0.258
9R23 Vilya, Ring of Air (F)0.596
9R24 Ent Draught (F)0.388
9R25 Huorn (F)0.878
9R27 Sent Back (F)0.069
9R+28 Gollum, Dark as Darkness (F)28.941
9R+29 Slippery as Fishes (F)14.881
9R+30 Sméagol, Bearer of Great Secrets (F)8.931
9R+32 Elendil, The Tall (F)39.001
9R+33 Isildur, Bearer of Heirlooms (F)39.001
9R35 Sapling of the White Tree (F)2.957
9R36 Scroll of Isildur (F)0.8510
9R37 Seeing Stone of Minas Anor (F)0.169
9R38 Seeing Stone of Orthanc (F)0.2610
9R40 Sack of the Shire (F)0.069
9R+41 Host of Moria, Legion of the Underdeeps (F)55.001
9R42 Ring of Asperity (F)0.8510
9R+43 Ring of Ire (F)39.001
9R44 Ring of Rancor (F)1.8413
9R45 Horn of the Mark (F)0.8710
9R46 The Red Arrow (F)0.167
9R+47 Ithil Stone (F)39.001
9R+48 Sauron, The Lord of the Rings (F)36.001
9R+49 Bilbo, Bearer of Things Burgled (F)5.451
9R50 Everyone Knows (F)0.878
9R+51 Goldberry, River-daughter (F)2.892
10R1 Great Day, Great Hour5.9428
10R3 More Yet to Come5.9928
10R6 Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men8.8529
10R7 Celeborn, Lord of the Galadhrim14.9627
10R8 Círdan, The Shipwright29.9926
10R9 Elrond, Venerable Lord5.9526
10R11 Galadriel, Lady Redeemed13.9729
10R13 Phial of Galadriel, Star-glass8.9628
10R14 Borne Far Away2.9330
10R17 Out of the High Airs9.9827
10R18 Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood14.9429
10R19 A Dark Shape Sprang2.3529
10R21 Gollum, Mad Thing18.9733
10R23 Shelob, Her Ladyship11.0025
10R25 Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar10.9630
10R28 Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith14.9832
10R29 Drawing His Eye4.3626
10R38 Corsair Brute4.9528
10R40 Easterling Berserker14.9631
10C41 Easterling Pillager (F)4.001
10R45 Mûmak Chieftain11.9627
10R46 Quelled14.9628
10R48 Seasoned Leader49.9929
10R51 Stampeded8.9531
10R58 Dark Swooping Shadows5.9429
10R58 Dark Swooping Shadows (F)85.001
10R59 Gorbag, Covetous Captain5.8527
10R60 Gorbag's Sword2.3130
10R63 Morgul Vanguard7.9227
10R67 Úlairë Cantëa, Thrall of The One10.9829
10R68 Úlairë Enquëa, Thrall of The One24.9828
10R71 Úlairë Toldëa, Thrall of the One14.9527
10R72 Éowyn, Lady of Ithilien17.9528
10R75 Advance Captain12.0024
10R88 Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul14.9829
10R89 Gothmog's Warg5.9731
10R94 Orc Ravager4.9728
10R95 Orc Slaughterer14.9828
10R99 Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol11.9528
10R100 Speak No More to Me2.4530
10R101 Troll of Cirith Gorgor14.9828
10R104 Birthday Present11.3127
10U118 Pelennor Prairie (F)9.901
11R1 The One Ring, The Ring of Rings1.942
11R9 Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon4.841
11R11 Hall of Our Fathers2.602
11R23 Legolas' Bow7.991
11R43 Horribly Strong2.211
11R100 Strange-looking Men7.842
11R119 Emboldened Orc15.001
11R135 Porter Troll24.981
11R143 Watchful Orc17.971
11R181 Determined Uruk3.971
11R207 Dark Powers Strengthen1.381
11R214 The Pale Blade, Sword of Flame11.991
11RF3 Legolas, Woodland Emissary (F)9.871
11RF5 Gollum, Skulker (F)25.001
11RF6 Sméagol, Scout and Guide (F)4.991
11RF7 Aragorn, Strider (F)35.001
11RF8 Bloodthirsty (F)19.981
11RF11 Undisciplined (F)15.001
12R9 Loud and Strong6.915
12R10 No Pauses, No Spills34.997
12R17 Elrond, Witness to History6.976
12R18 Hadafang8.497
12R19 Long-knives of Legolas4.846
12R26 Discoveries3.956
12R27 Gandalf, The White Rider3.984
12R28 Gandalf's Hat3.986
12R30 Járnsmid, Barding Emissary4.739
12R35 Watch and Wait19.991
12R37 Come Away14.994
12R38 From Deep in Shadow35.007
12R42 Blade of Gondor, Sword of Boromir2.876
12R47 Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor2.935
12R48 Faramir's Sword8.305
12R54 Saruman, Of Many Colours8.962
12R56 Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal8.985
12R57 Corrupted Spy6.956
12R68 Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan7.983
12R69 Harrying Hillman4.969
12R72 Messenger's Mount4.967
12R75 Poisonous Words5.366
12R79 The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm9.976
12R80 Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and Shadow3.846
12R81 Abiding Evil1.486
12R82 Barrage3.937
12R83 The Beckoning Shadow4.957
12R85 Cave Troll of Moria, Savage Menace8.947
12R86 Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy Cudgel12.007
12R91 Orc Artisan10.887
12R100 Rallying Orc19.974
12R101 Retribution11.977
12R108 Cast Out4.985
12R111 Coif4.986
12R116 Haethen, Veteran Fighter7.837
12R118 The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûr3.953
12R119 Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit4.876
12R120 Diversion5.875
12R124 Long Live the Halflings5.455
12R127 Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence4.786
12R129 Rosie Cotton, Barmaid4.895
12R139 Broken in Defeat14.974
12R141 Dark Alliance5.288
12R150 Uruk Decimator8.916
12R154 Uruk Slaughterer8.975
12R155 Uruk Zealot7.825
12R156 Uruk-hai Guard12.005
12R157 Uruk-hai Troop11.987
12R163 Dark Temptation3.968
12R169 Sauron's Gaze3.968
12R171 Shadowy Mount7.944
12R173 Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator9.967
12R175 Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat11.987
12R179 Úlairë Otsëa, Black Specter3.876
12R183 The Witch-king, Black Lord9.996
12RF1 Elrond, Witness to History (F)34.981
12RF2 Hadafang (F)6.971
12RF3 Gandalf, The White Rider (F)4.941
12RF4 Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor (F)25.001
12RF6 Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal (F)35.001
12RF7 Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan (F)8.971
12RF8 The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (F)8.891
12RF10 Orc Artisan (F)34.981
12RF11 The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûr (F)9.951
12RF13 Uruk Zealot (F)5.991
12RF15 Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator (F)4.991
12RF18 The Witch-king, Black Lord (F)34.981
13R5 Gimli, Lord of the Glittering Caves8.921
13R10 Asfaloth, Swift Blossom6.932
13R11 Celeborn, The Wise5.951
13R15 Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden Land7.921
13R22 Secluded Homestead6.962
13R26 Take Up the Bow8.941
13R36 The Palantír of Orthanc, Recovered Seeing Stone8.941
13R38 Radagast, Tender of Beasts7.911
13R40 Shadowfax, Roaring Wind8.962
13R44 Chasm's Edge8.971
13R64 Denethor, Last Ruling Steward5.992
13R76 Storied Homestead14.891
13R80 Radagast Deceived6.982
13R84 Corsair Champion14.941
13R86 Desert Wind19.942
13R101 Voice of the Desert, Southron Troop14.992
13R104 Chamber Patrol17.931
13R108 Forced March19.942
13R112 Orc Crusher9.952
13R115 Orc Raid Commander14.951
13R123 Éomer, Heir to Meduseld13.901
13R136 Snowmane, Noble Mearas5.963
13R137 Théoden, The Renowned4.952
13R138 Théodred, Second Marshal of the Mark6.942
13R139 Wind-swept Homestead6.961
13R141 Sceptre of the Dark Lord6.953
13R143 Bill the Pony, Dearly-loved8.982
13R149 Frodo, Frenzied Fighter10.941
13R152 Humble Homestead10.921
13R156 Sam, Bearer of Great Need4.971
13R158 Assault Commander8.971
13R178 Dark Fell About Him6.911
13RF3 Legolas, Of the Grey Company (F)34.971
13RF4 Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation (F)28.971
13RF5 Pallando, Far-travelling One (F)35.001
13RF7 Aragorn, Isildur's Heir (F)45.001
13RF11 Orc Crusher (F)44.981
13RF12 Éomer, Heir to Meduseld (F)35.001
13RF13 Théoden, The Renowned (F)35.001
13RF14 Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor (F)45.001
13RF16 Sam, Bearer of Great Need (F)19.921
13RF18 Uruk Rogue (F)35.001
15R1 The One Ring, The Ring of Doom0.413
15R6 Glóin, Son of Gróin6.913
15R9 Well-crafted Armor6.892
15R11 Arwen, She-Elf3.915
15R12 Dínendal, Mirkwood Archer6.914
15R19 Legolas, Of the Woodland Realm5.424
15R22 The Mirror of Galadriel, Dangerous Guide14.883
15R24 Spied From Afar6.924
15R29 Gandalf, Powerful Guide4.942
15R30 Leaflock, Finglas4.922
15R33 One Last Surprise8.924
15R34 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents4.915
15R38 Treebeard, Enraged Shepherd9.933
15R40 Connected By Fate5.923
15R42 Desperate Move2.923
15R43 Gollum, Hopeless8.924
15R47 Not This Time!13.946
15R49 Sméagol, Wretched and Hungry4.927
15R53 Unseen Foe4.944
15R56 Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's Longbow15.863
15R58 Decorated Barricade4.923
15R70 Tremendous Wall8.923
15R76 Destroyed Homestead6.904
15R84 Last Gasp9.883
15R87 Primitive Savage4.944
15R99 Black Land Chieftain9.965
15R104 Black Land Shrieker8.922
15R109 Gorbag, Filthy Rebel6.913
15R112 Mountain-troll8.962
15R117 Tower Troll9.961
15R119 Unreasonable Choice2.923
15R122 Burial Mounds2.805
15R123 Éomer, Horsemaster3.883
15R124 Éomer's Spear, Trusty Weapon3.922
15R135 Rohan Worker5.784
15R141 Sturdy Shield7.923
15R146 Hobbiton Brewer, Maker of Fine Ales6.822
15R148 Little Golden Flower9.973
15R152 Relaxation3.896
15R155 Advancing Horde5.904
15R162 Lurtz, Now Perfected6.922
15R163 Lurtz's Sword, Mighty Longsword6.922
15R165 Merciless Berserker14.903
15R172 Uglúk, Ugly Fellow35.001
15R174 Uruk Cavern Striker6.895
15R180 With All Possible Speed24.931
15R182 A Shadow Fell Over Them8.914
15R184 Úlairë Attëa, Desirous of Power7.903
15R185 Úlairë Lemenya, Eternally Threatening24.964
15R186 Úlairë Nelya, Fell Rider9.921
15R193 Mount Doom9.888
15RF1 The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (F)18.982
15RF2 Well-crafted Armor (F)9.961
15RF3 Legolas, Of the Woodland Realm (F)19.961
15RF4 The Mirror of Galadriel, Dangerous Guide (F)29.931
15RF5 Gandalf, Powerful Guide (F)29.001
15RF7 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents (F)9.991
15RF8 Sméagol, Wretched and Hungry (F)4.961
15RF9 Aragorn, Thorongil (F)14.941
15RF10 Madril, Defender of Osgiliath (F)19.881
15RF11 Black Land Chieftain (F)13.901
15RF12 Gorbag, Filthy Rebel (F)18.921
15RF14 Sentry Uruk (F)6.971
15RF15 Úlairë Attëa, Desirous of Power (F)14.931
15RF17 Úlairë Nelya, Fell Rider (F)5.931
15RF18 Mount Doom (F)9.932
17R2 Balin Avenged8.795
17R4 Ring of Artifice3.945
17R6 Thorin III, Stonehelm14.824
17R13 The World Ahead8.893
17R17 Gandalf, Returned29.961
17R18 Glamdring, Orc Beater2.906
17R20 Gwaihir, The Windlord18.933
17R23 Scintillating Bird6.925
17R24 Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas11.894
17R27 Andúril, Sword That Was Broken19.965
17R28 Faramir, Bearer of Quality24.914
17R29 Faramir's Bow, Ithilien Longbow14.984
17R31 Narsil, Forged by Telchar24.943
17R36 Throne of Minas Tirith9.923
17R37 Saruman, Instigator of Insurrection4.764
17R38 Saruman, Servant of Sauron18.916
17R39 Throne of Isengard13.964
17R41 Ceremonial Armor18.984
17R43 Easterling Sneak8.963
17R44 Gríma's Dagger19.785
17R45 In the Wild Men's Wake6.814
17R49 Stampeding Chief3.927
17R52 Stampeding Ransacker9.825
17R56 Sunland Scout19.807
17R58 Sunland Sneak4.804
17R61 Sunland Weaponmaster9.824
17R65 Vengeful Primitive14.976
17R67 A Defiled Charge14.814
17R71 Grishnákh, Treacherous Captain6.924
17R73 Orkish Berserker19.803
17R74 Orkish Cavalry16.954
17R76 Orkish Fiend8.921
17R79 Orkish Invader14.945
17R82 Orkish Rider13.924
17R84 Orkish Scout20.906
17R86 Orkish Veteran29.944
17R87 Orkish Warg-master13.966
17R89 Relentless Warg13.954
17R93 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan18.835
17R95 Éomer, Northman8.806
17R96 Éowyn, Northwoman18.936
17R98 Throne of the Golden Hall13.575
17R99 Háma, Northman9.805
17R102 Théoden, Northman, King of Rohan18.802
17R105 Throne of the Dark Lord9.955
17R114 Land Had Changed14.812
17R116 Saruman, Master of the White Hand24.946
17R121 White Hand Berserker14.832
17R123 White Hand Captain6.905
17R124 White Hand Destroyer9.996
17R129 White Hand Legion17.827
17R135 White Hand Veteran14.956
17R137 You Do Not Know Fear24.842
17R139 Úlairë Cantëa, Duplicitous Assassin7.976
17R140 Úlairë Enquëa, Duplicitous Lieutenant14.955
17R141 Úlairë Otsëa, Duplicitous Specter19.957
17R142 Ring of Savagery14.898
17R143 Ring of Terror9.824
17R144 The Witch-king, Conqueror of Arthedain14.897
17RF1 Ring of Artifice (F)24.931
17RF2 Glamdring, Orc Beater (F)28.901
17RF3 Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas (F)24.971
17RF4 Gwaihir, The Windlord (F)29.961
17RF5 Andúril, Sword That Was Broken (F)29.901
17RF6 Faramir, Bearer of Quality (F)29.821
17RF7 Narsil, Forged by Telchar (F)29.941
17RF8 Throne of Minas Tirith (F)29.711
17RF9 Throne of Isengard (F)28.791
17RF10 Stampeding Chief (F)29.901
17RF11 Orkish Invader (F)9.911
17RF12 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (F)9.961
17RF13 Throne of the Golden Hall (F)29.951
17RF14 Théoden, Northman, King of Rohan (F)14.921
17RF15 Throne of the Dark Lord (F)14.961
17RF16 Úlairë Otsëa, Duplicitous Specter (F)28.911
17RF17 Ring of Savagery (F)24.961
17RF18 Ring of Terror (F)34.921
17O4 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (F)59.001
m1R3 Rusty Blade (F)2.961
m1R5 Durin's Axe (F)1.941
m1R7 You Have My Axe (F)3.921
m1R+8 Celebrimbor, Friend of Narvi (F)19.961
m1R+9 Elrond, Bearer of Ancient Lore (F)24.951
m1R11 You Have My Bow (F)2.971
m1R12 The Fellowship of the Ring (F)3.951
m1R13 Free Companions (F)2.951
m1R+18 Faramir, Knight of Gondor (F)19.941
m1R19 Ioreth, Wise-woman of Gondor (F)1.461
m1R21 Isengard Triumphant (F)2.971
m1R22 Isengard Unleashed (F)3.961
m1R+23 Tracker Horde (F)29.951
m1R+24 Bill Ferny, Senior (F)24.991
m1R25 Iron Dagger (F)3.941
m1R27 Goblin Bow (F)2.971
m1R30 Mount Gram Arsenal (F)2.961
m1R+31 Orkish Soldier (F)29.971
m1R33 Hail of Arrows (F)3.951
m1R+34 Gríma, Deceitful Advisor (F)45.001
m1R39 Will of Mordor (F)2.942
m1R+40 Odo Proudfoot, Bilbo's Cousin (F)19.961
m1R41 Fang, Farmer Maggot's Dog (F)2.951
m1R42 Hobbit's Tale (F)2.941
m1R46 Ambush at Weathertop (F)1.942
m1R50 Caverns of Isengard (F)2.932
m1R51 Rivendell Plaza (F)1.913
m1R52 West-gate Pool (F)2.894