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Created2006-06-27 15:27
Last login2023-03-21 21:35
Constructed ELO1500
Constructed leagues ELO1500
Sealed ELO1500
Sealed leagues ELO1500
Draft ELO1500
Draft leagues ELO1500
Single ELO1478
Free constructed ELO1500
Free constructed leagues ELO1500
Free single ELO1480
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50 recent games
GameWinnerLoserCompletedWinner timeLoser timeReasonWinner atLoser at
game012433BlobloFlyingmatthew2023-03-19 10:4610:0512:46ringbearer dead56
game012430cukerBloblo2023-03-17 22:1111:5308:39ringbearer dead64
game012427steblaBloblo2023-03-13 21:2812:5516:22ringbearer corrupt66
game012424MiloBloblo2023-03-12 23:0502:5110:34fellowship at 996
game012422steblaBloblo2023-03-12 17:3319:3825:57fellowship at 997
game012421MiloBloblo2023-03-11 21:0505:3508:21ringbearer corrupt56
game012420Bloblostebla2023-03-11 19:4125:5413:12ringbearer corrupt88
game012419steblaBloblo2023-03-11 10:1413:5422:23ringbearer dead67