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Set Used
Fellowship Anthology 
Towers Anthology 
King Anthology 
War Anthology 
1 The Fellowship of the Ring658,468
2 Mines of Moria60,381
3 Realms of the Elf-lords27,272
4 The Two Towers71,530
5 Battle of Helm's Deep15,120
6 Ents of Fangorn12,526
7 The Return of the King72,636
8 Siege of Gondor25,249
9 Reflections23,869
10 Mount Doom19,756
11 Shadows57,711
12 Black Rider17,983
13 Bloodlines12,942
14 Expanded Middle-earth1,165
15 The Hunters21,754
16 The Wraith Collection58
17 Rise of Saruman7,162
18 Treachery and Deceit6,249
19 Age's End1,549
21 Journey Begins9,844
eX mLOTRO's Errata2,265
h0 The Hobbit Promotional60
h1 The Hobbit Draft Game11,623
m0 mLOTRO's Promotional1,049
m1 mLOTRO's Reflections II768
v1 PC's Shadow of the Past424