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50 recent transactions of Homie
Homiesperzdechly4R118 Faramir's Bow2024-05-01 15:4116.24
Homiesperzdechly0P111 Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders (F)2024-05-01 15:3919.82
Homiesperzdechly0P45 Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark2024-05-01 15:3835.00
Homiesperzdechly0P81 Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow (F)2024-05-01 15:3732.83
Homiesperzdechly0P98 Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (F)2024-05-01 15:3728.94
Homiesperzdechly0P58 Anárion, Lord of Anórien2024-05-01 15:3734.92
HomieDragonian1R230 Úlairë Cantëa, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur2024-03-19 18:0225.00
HomieDragonian1R62 The Splendor of Their Banners2024-03-19 17:492.97
HomieZenden7C1 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring (F)2024-03-15 09:583.50
HomieStachura9112R10 No Pauses, No Spills2024-03-09 00:2034.99
HomieStachura9111R9 Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon2024-03-09 00:104.84
HomieStachura9113R5 Gimli, Lord of the Glittering Caves2024-03-09 00:098.92
HomieMakaveli19903R27 Vilya2024-03-08 23:353.47
HomieMilo5R18 Fury of the White Rider2024-03-06 06:5915.00
HomieMilo5R112 No Help for It2024-03-04 13:3615.00
Homiemorvael12R183 The Witch-king, Black Lord2024-02-11 18:289.99
HomieFlyingmatthew7R79 Andúril, Flame of the West (T)2024-01-23 14:4129.91
HomieDragonian9R+29 Slippery as Fishes (F)2023-12-03 01:1114.88
HomieMoro1R236 Úlairë Toldëa, Messenger of Morgul2023-11-15 12:239.41
HomieDragonian9R+41 Host of Moria, Legion of the Underdeeps (F)2023-11-13 09:1055.00
Homiemorvael7C303 Orc Pursuer (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C248 Rohirrim Javelin (F)2023-11-02 12:354.50
Homiemorvael7C246 Rohirrim Guard (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C243 Morning Came (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C240 Long Spear (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C184 More Unbearable (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C161 Southron Brigand (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C155 Raider Bow (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C153 Mûmakil of the Harad (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C130 Dark Tidings (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael7C51 Undaunted (F)2023-11-02 12:354.50
Homiemorvael7C31 All Save One (F)2023-11-02 12:354.00
Homiemorvael10R67 Úlairë Cantëa, Thrall of The One (F)2023-10-20 09:5480.00
Homiemorvael10R58 Dark Swooping Shadows (F)2023-10-20 09:5485.00
Homiemorvael10C41 Easterling Pillager (F)2023-10-20 09:544.00
Homiemorvael8C75 Morgul Creeper (F)2023-10-20 09:544.50
Homiemorvael7C291 Mordor Trooper (F)2023-10-20 09:544.00
Homiemorvael7C288 Mordor Regular (F)2023-10-20 09:544.50
Homiemorvael7C193 Morgul Lackey (F)2023-10-20 09:544.50
Homiemorvael7C141 Easterling Attacker (F)2023-10-20 09:544.60
Homiemorvael7C133 Desert Runner (F)2023-10-20 09:544.50
Homiemorvael7C108 Knight's Spear (F)2023-10-20 09:534.50
Homiemorvael7C82 Cirion (F)2023-10-20 09:534.50
Homiemorvael7C11 Out of Darkness (F)2023-10-20 09:534.50
Homiemorvael7C124 Targon (F)2023-10-17 23:204.00
Homiemorvael7C105 I Will Go (F)2023-10-17 23:204.00
Homiemorvael7C76 Very Nice Friends (F)2023-10-17 23:204.00
Homiemorvael7C34 Echoes of Valinor (F)2023-10-17 23:204.00
Homiemorvael3R91 His Cruelty and Malice (F)2023-10-17 23:2080.00
HomieMilo1R35 The Council of Elrond2023-10-13 23:300.68