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Homie's physical want list
0P15 Legolas, Son of Thranduil1
0P21 Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest1
0P23 Aragorn, Captain of Gondor1
0P50 Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath1
0P54 Sauron, The Lord of the Rings1
0P62 Gimli, Dwarven Delegate1
0P63 Arwen, Maiden of Rivendell1
0P64 Gandalf, Stormcrow1
0P65 Boromir, Steward's Heir1
0P66 Éomer, Forthwith Banished1
0P67 Frodo, Mr. Underhill1
0P68 The One Ring, The Binding Ring1
0P72 Bow of Minas Tirith (F)1
0P73 Armored Easterling (F)1
0P76 Spurred to Battle (F)1
0P77 Riders of the Mark (F)1
0P86 Pippin, Brave Decoy (F)1
0P87 Legolas, Companion of the Ring (F)1
0P90 Vapour and Steam (F)1
0P91 Massing Strength (F)1
0P92 Morgul Tormentor (F)1
0P94 Mithril-coat, Dwarf-mail (F)1
0P95 Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (F)1
0P96 Keening Wail (F)1
0P97 Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P99 Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter (F)1
0P100 The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor (F)1
0P103 Úlairë Otsëa, Zwarte Schim (F)1
0P104 Saruman, Of Many Colours (F)1
0P105 Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P107 Guard of the White Tree (F)1
0P108 The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P110 Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P111 Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P112 Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P113 Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P114 Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P115 Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P116 Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine Riders (F)1
0P117 Faramir, Prince of Ithilien (F)1
0P118 Éowyn, Restless Warrior (F)1
0P119 Isildur, Heir of Elendil (F)1
0P120 Isengard Marauder (F)1
0P121 Covetous Uruk (F)1
0P123 Gimli, Eager Hunter (F)1
0P124 Legolas, Fleet-footed Hunter (F)1
0P125 Aragorn, Swift Hunter (F)1
0P126 Lurtz, Now Perfected (F)1
0P127 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (F)1
0P128 Primitive Brand (F)1
0D1 Buckland Homestead (F)1
0D2 Caras Galadhon (F)1
0D3 Cavern Entrance (F)1
0D4 Neekerbreekers' Bog (F)1
0D6 Elendil, High-king of Gondor (F)1
0D7 Ordnance Grunt (F)1
0D9 Breeding pit of Isengard (F)1
0D10 City of Kings (F)1
0D11 Pinnacle of Zirakzigil (F)1
0D12 The Prancing Pony (F)1
0D13 Falls of Rauros (F)1
0D14 Imladris (F)1
7R79 Andúril, Flame of the West (T)1
12O1 Gandalf, The White Rider (F)1
12O2 Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor (F)1
12O3 Faramir's Sword (F)1
12O4 The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (F)1
12O5 Dark Approach (F)1
12O6 Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator (F)1
12O7 Úlairë Cantëa, Black Assassin (F)1
12O8 Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat (F)1
12O9 The Witch-king, Black Lord (F)1
13RF3 Legolas, Of the Grey Company (F)1
13RF5 Pallando, Far-travelling One (F)1
13RF7 Aragorn, Isildur's Heir (F)1
13RF9 Voice of the Desert, Southron Troop (F)1
13RF13 Théoden, The Renowned (F)1
13RF17 Uruk Blitz (F)1
13O1 Celeborn, The Wise (F)1
13O2 Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden Land (F)1
13O3 Legolas, Of the Grey Company (F)1
13O4 Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation (F)1
13O5 Pallando, Far-travelling One (F)1
13O6 Aragorn, Isildur's Heir (F)1
13O7 Denethor, Last Ruling Steward (F)1
13O8 Éomer, Heir to Meduseld (F)1
13O9 Théoden, The Renowned (F)1
15R30 Leaflock, Finglas1
15U32 Momentous Gathering1
15R34 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents1
15U35 Shadow of the Wood1
15R36 Shepherd of the Trees1
15U37 Skinbark, Elder Ent1
15R47 Not This Time!1
15R55 Aragorn, Thorongil1
15R112 Mountain-troll1
15R124 Éomer's Spear, Trusty Weapon1
15R182 A Shadow Fell Over Them1
15RF2 Well-crafted Armor (F)1
15RF3 Legolas, Of the Woodland Realm (F)1
15RF4 The Mirror of Galadriel, Dangerous Guide (F)1
15RF5 Gandalf, Powerful Guide (F)1
15RF6 One Last Surprise (F)1
15RF7 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents (F)1
15RF8 Sméagol, Wretched and Hungry (F)1
15RF9 Aragorn, Thorongil (F)1
15RF10 Madril, Defender of Osgiliath (F)1
15RF11 Black Land Chieftain (F)1
15RF12 Gorbag, Filthy Rebel (F)1
15RF13 Éomer, Horsemaster (F)1
15RF14 Sentry Uruk (F)1
15RF15 Úlairë Attëa, Desirous of Power (F)1
15RF16 Úlairë Lemenya, Eternally Threatening (F)1
15RF17 Úlairë Nelya, Fell Rider (F)1
15RF18 Mount Doom (F)1
15O1 Legolas, Of the Woodland Realm (F)1
15O2 Gandalf, Powerful Guide (F)1
15O3 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents (F)1
15O4 Aragorn, Thorongil (F)1
15O5 Madril, Defender of Osgiliath (F)1
15O6 Éomer, Horsemaster (F)1
15O7 Úlairë Attëa, Desirous of Power (F)1
15O8 Úlairë Lemenya, Eternally Threatening (F)1
15O9 Úlairë Nelya, Fell Rider (F)1
17R6 Thorin III, Stonehelm1
17R17 Gandalf, Returned1
17R18 Glamdring, Orc Beater1
17R24 Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas1
17R28 Faramir, Bearer of Quality1
17R31 Narsil, Forged by Telchar1
17R38 Saruman, Servant of Sauron1
17R45 In the Wild Men's Wake1
17R56 Sunland Scout1
17R74 Orkish Cavalry1
17R87 Orkish Warg-master1
17R89 Relentless Warg1
17R96 Éowyn, Northwoman1
17R98 Throne of the Golden Hall1
17R102 Théoden, Northman, King of Rohan1
17R116 Saruman, Master of the White Hand1
17R123 White Hand Captain1
17R137 You Do Not Know Fear1
17R140 Úlairë Enquëa, Duplicitous Lieutenant1
17R143 Ring of Terror1
17RF1 Ring of Artifice (F)1
17RF2 Glamdring, Orc Beater (F)1
17RF3 Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas (F)1
17RF4 Gwaihir, The Windlord (F)1
17RF5 Andúril, Sword That Was Broken (F)2
17RF6 Faramir, Bearer of Quality (F)1
17RF7 Narsil, Forged by Telchar (F)1
17RF8 Throne of Minas Tirith (F)1
17RF9 Throne of Isengard (F)1
17RF10 Stampeding Chief (F)1
17RF11 Orkish Invader (F)1
17RF12 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (F)1
17RF13 Throne of the Golden Hall (F)1
17RF14 Théoden, Northman, King of Rohan (F)1
17RF15 Throne of the Dark Lord (F)1
17RF16 Úlairë Otsëa, Duplicitous Specter (F)1
17RF17 Ring of Savagery (F)1
17RF18 Ring of Terror (F)1
17O1 Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas (F)1
17O2 Gwaihir, The Windlord (F)1
17O3 Throne of Minas Tirith (F)1
17O4 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (F)1
17O5 Throne of the Golden Hall (F)1
17O6 Théoden, Northman, King of Rohan (F)1
17O7 Úlairë Otsëa, Duplicitous Specter (F)1
17O8 Ring of Savagery (F)1
17O9 Ring of Terror (F)1
18R7 Celebring, Elven-smith1
18R18 Beorning Axe1
18R29 Deceit1
18R32 Not Easily Avoided1
18R35 Sting of Shelob1
18R38 Aragorn, Heir to the Throne of Gondor1
18R40 Boromir, Proud and Noble Man1
18R41 Crown of Gondor1
18R50 The Faithful Stone1
18R53 Horn of Boromir, The Great Horn1
18R54 Isildur, Sword-bearer1
18R80 Gothmog, Morgul Leader1
18R98 Fall Back to Helm's Deep1
18R105 Théoden, Ednew1
18R107 Fredegar Bolger, Fatty1
18R113 Sting, Elven Long Knife1
18RF1 Arwen's Bow (F)1
18RF2 Arwen's Dagger (F)1
18RF3 Galadriel's Silver Ewer (F)1
18RF4 Beorning Axe (F)1
18RF5 Radagast's Herb Bag (F)1
18RF6 Shelob, Menace (F)1
18RF7 Crown of Gondor (F)1
18RF9 Watcher at Sarn Ford, Ranger of the North (F)1
18RF10 Gothmog, Morgul Leader (F)1
18RF12 Erkenbrand's Shield (F)1
18RF13 Rohirrim Diadem (F)1
18RF14 Théoden, Ednew (F)1
18RF15 Fredegar Bolger, Fatty (F)1
18RF16 Sting, Elven Long Knife (F)1
18RF17 Shagrat, Tower Captain (F)1
18RF18 Pull of the Ring (F)1
18O1 Beorning Axe (F)1
18O2 Radagast's Herb Bag (F)1
18O3 Crown of Gondor (F)1
18O4 Denethor's Sword (F)1
18O5 Watcher at Sarn Ford, Ranger of the North (F)1
18O6 Erkenbrand's Horn (F)1
18O7 Erkenbrand's Shield (F)1
18O8 Rohirrim Diadem (F)1
18O9 Pull of the Ring (F)1
Homie's physical sell list
0P12 Gimli, Son of Glóin (F)1
0P13 Legolas, Greenleaf (F)1
0P18 Sméagol, Old Noser2
0P22 Fell Beast2
0P39 Éowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden1
1R13 Gimli, Son of Glóin (T)1
1R30 Arwen, Daughter of Elrond (T)1
1R50 Legolas, Greenleaf (T)1
1R72 Gandalf, Friend of the Shirefolk (T)1
1R96 Boromir, Lord of Gondor (T)1
1R114 The Saga of Elendil (T)1
1U231 Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul (T)1
2R52 The Balrog, Flame of Udûn (T)1
2R105 Mithril-coat (T)1
4R154 Gríma, Wormtongue (T)1
4R176 Uglúk, Servant of Saruman (T)1
6R88 Úlairë Toldëa, Winged Sentry (T)2
7R227 Éomer, Skilled Tactician (T)1
8R38 King of the Dead, Oathbreaker (T)1
10R9 Elrond, Venerable Lord (T)2
11R226 The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders (TF)1
1C2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring5
1C7 Dwarf Guard3
1C10 Dwarven Heart1
1C11 Farin, Dwarven Emissary1
1U12 Gimli, Dwarf of Erebor3
1R13 Gimli, Son of Glóin1
1C19 Here Lies Balin, Son of Fundin3
1C24 Stairs of Khazad-dûm3
1C25 Still Draws Breath1
1C26 Their Halls of Stone2
1U27 Thrarin, Dwarven Smith1
1U31 Asfaloth1
1R34 Celeborn, Lord of Lórien1
1C37 Defiance2
1C42 Elven Cloak1
1C43 Far-seeing Eyes1
1U44 Foul Creation2
1U48 Haldir, Elf of the Golden Wood1
1U51 Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood7
1C61 Songs of the Blessed Realm1
1U63 Stand Against Darkness2
1R69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer from Bree1
1U70 Barliman Butterbur, Prancing Pony Proprietor3
1U74 Gandalf's Pipe1
1C76 Intimidate5
1C78 Mysterious Wizard5
1C84 Sleep, Caradhras1
1C85 Strength of Spirit3
1C86 Treachery Deeper Than You Know2
1U94 Athelas3
1R95 Blade of Gondor1
1U97 Boromir, Son of Denethor7
1U98 Boromir's Cloak1
1C101 Coat of Mail2
1C104 Eregion's Trails2
1U105 Foes of Mordor3
1C107 Great Shield3
1U108 No Stranger to the Shadows3
1U112 Ranger's Sword4
1C116 Swordarm of the White Tower6
1C117 Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom5
1C119 What Are They?4
1C121 Bred for Battle2
1C133 Saruman's Ambition2
1U136 Saruman's Power1
1C141 Their Arrows Enrage2
1C149 Uruk Messenger1
1C150 Uruk Rager2
1C151 Uruk Savage3
1C152 Uruk Shaman4
1U153 Uruk Slayer2
1C154 Uruk Soldier4
1C157 Uruk-hai Armory2
1C158 Uruk-hai Raiding Party1
1U164 Bitter Hatred1
1C168 Drums in the Deep5
1C176 Goblin Marksman2
1U178 Goblin Runner6
1C179 Goblin Scavengers5
1C180 Goblin Scimitar2
1U181 Goblin Sneak4
1C182 Goblin Spear3
1C187 Host of Thousands3
1U188 The Long Dark3
1C191 Moria Scout2
1C196 They Are Coming1
1C197 Threat of the Unknown1
1U203 All Blades Perish1
1U207 Black Breath1
1U218 Nazgûl Sword1
1U220 Not Easily Destroyed1
1U231 Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul1
1U233 Úlairë Nelya, Lieutenant of Morgul1
1U241 Curse From Mordor2
1U242 The Dark Lord's Summons1
1C248 Forces of Mordor5 (1 poor)
1U249 Gleaming Spires Will Crumble2
1U251 A Host Avails Little2
1C255 Mordor's Strength10
1U257 Morgul Skirmisher2
1U258 Morgul Skulker3
1U260 The Number Must Be Few2
1C261 Orc Ambusher5
1U262 Orc Assassin6
1C266 Orc Chieftain6
1U267 Orc Hunters7
1C268 Orc Inquisitor5
1C269 Orc Scimitar4
1C271 Orc Soldier10
1C273 The Ring's Oppression2
1U274 Sauron's Defenses2
1U275 Seeking It Always1
1C277 Shadow's Reach1
1C278 Strength Born of Fear3
1U280 Tower Lieutenant3
1C281 Under the Watching Eye7
1C283 You Bring Great Evil1
1U285 Bilbo's Pipe1
1C286 Bounder7
1C287 Extraordinary Resilience1
1C290 Frodo, Son of Drogo4
1C297 Hobbit Party Guest1
1C298 Hobbit Stealth1
1C299 Hobbit Sword5
1C300 Longbottom Leaf2
1C303 Merry, From O'er the Brandywine3
1C304 Noble Intentions2
1C305 Old Toby3
1C311 Sam, Son of Hamfast2
1C312 Sorry About Everything1
1U316 A Talent for Not Being Seen1
1C317 There and Back Again1
1U320 East Road2
1U321 Farmer Maggot's Fields1
1C326 Westfarthing3
1U327 Bree Gate4
1U329 Breeland Forest2
1U330 Buckleberry Ferry1
1C331 Ettenmoors4
1U333 Midgewater Moors1
1U334 Trollshaw Forest2
1U335 Weatherhills1
1C337 Council Courtyard3
1U338 Ford of Bruinen1
1U339 Frodo's Bedroom2
1U340 Rivendell Terrace3
1U343 Balin's Tomb3
1U344 Dwarrowdelf Chamber1
1U345 Mithril Mine2
1C346 Moria Lake2
1U348 Pass of Caradhras3
1C349 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm10
1U350 Dimrill Dale4
1C351 Galadriel's Glade2
1U352 Lothlórien Woods1
1U353 Anduin Confluence5
1C354 Anduin Wilderland4
1U355 Silverlode Banks2
1U358 Pillars of the Kings3
1U359 Shores of Nen Hithoel2
1U360 Emyn Muil4
1U361 Slopes of Amon Hen2
1U363 Tol Brandir1
1P364 Gandalf, The Grey Wizard1
1P365 Aragorn, King in Exile3
2R1 Beneath the Mountains1
2C2 Disquiet of Our People4
2C5 Flurry of Blows2
2C6 Frór, Gimli's Kinsman2
2U8 Golden Light on the Land2
2C9 Great Works Begun There3
2C10 Hand Axe6
2R12 Realm of Dwarrowdelf2
2C14 Till Durin Wakes Again3
2U16 A Blended Race2
2U18 Hosts of the Last Alliance2
2R20 Secret Sentinels1
2C21 Erland, Advisor to Brand2
2C23 Gandalf's Wisdom5
2C24 Hugin, Emissary from Laketown6
2C26 Speak "Friend" and Enter3
2C29 Wizard Staff4
2U30 You Cannot Pass!2
2U31 Blood of Númenor1
2R32 Flaming Brand1
2U34 Gondor Will See It Done1
2C35 Natural Cover3
2R36 No Mere Ranger1
2C37 Sentinels of Númenor5
2C40 Demands of the Sackville-Bagginses2
2U41 Evil Afoot2
2C42 Goblin Man1
2C44 No Business of Ours3
2C47 Uruk Scout4
2U48 Wizard Storm2
2R49 Archer Commander2
2C51 The Balrog, Durin's Bane1
2R52 The Balrog, Flame of Udûn1
2C55 Dark Places2
2R57 Final Cry2
2C58 Foul Tentacle1
2C60 Goblin Bowman3
2C61 Goblin Flankers7
2C62 Goblin Pursuer7
2C63 Goblin Reinforcements5
2C64 Goblin Scrabbler3
2C65 Goblin Spearman4
2C69 Old Differences7
2U70 Power and Terror1
2R73 Watcher in the Water, Keeper of Westgate1
2R74 Whip of Many Thongs1
2U76 Helpless2
2R77 His Terrible Servants1
2U78 It Wants to be Found1
2U79 Resistance Becomes Unbearable1
2U82 Úlairë Attëa, The Easterling4
2U83 Úlairë Enquëa, Ringwraith in Twilight1
2R85 The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgûl1
2R86 Wraith-world2
2U87 The Eye of Sauron2 (1 poor)
2C88 Memory of Many Things5
2C89 Orc Scout13
2C90 Orc Taskmaster6
2C91 Southern Spies6
2U92 Spies of Mordor5
2R94 Verily I Come2
2C95 Vile Blade7
2U96 Bilbo, Well-spoken Gentlehobbit2
2U98 Dear Friends2
2C99 Deft in Their Movements11
2C101 Filibert Bolger, Wily Rascal6
2C102 Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer8
2U103 Hobbit Sword-play2
2C104 Merry, Horticulturalist5
2U106 Nice Imitation2
2U107 Not Feared in Sunlight2
2R108 O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!1
2R109 Orc-bane1
2C110 Pippin, Mr. Took4
2U111 Practically Everyone Was Invited1
2R113 Red Book of Westmarch1
2C114 Sam, Proper Poet5
2U115 Hobbiton Party Field2
2U116 Hobbiton Woods2
2C117 Town Center5
2U118 Great Chasm2
2C119 Hollin2
2U120 Valley of the Silverlode2
2P122 Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim2
3R23 Nenya1
3U24 Phial of Galadriel1
3R27 Vilya1
3C37 Answering the Cries2
3R39 Banner of the White Tree1
3C43 Might of Númenor2
3R52 A Fell Voice on the Air1
3C55 Isengard Axe1
3C56 Isengard Forger5
3C62 Isengard Worker1
3R67 The Palantír of Orthanc1
3C70 Servants to Saruman1
3C84 They Will Never Stop Hunting You1
3U92 Massing in the East5
3C94 Orc Butcher11
3C98 Orc Swordsman7
3C101 Orc Warrior9
3U115 Caras Galadhon1
3C117 Gates of Argonath1
3P121 Legolas, Son of Thranduil1
4C2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring4
4C3 Anger3
4C4 Band of Wild Men3
4C5 Burn Every Village5
4C7 Dark Fury3
4U8 Death to the Strawheads3
4C10 Dunlending Brigand5
4U11 Dunlending Looter1
4C12 Dunlending Madman4
4U13 Dunlending Pillager3
4C14 Dunlending Ransacker1
4C15 Dunlending Ravager1
4C16 Dunlending Robber9
4C17 Dunlending Savage4
4C18 Dunlending Warrior2
4C21 Hillman Band1
4C25 Hillman Tribe6
4C26 Iron Axe7
4U28 No Defense1
4C37 War Cry of Dunland2
4R39 Wild Man Raid1
4C42 Best Company2 (1 poor)
4U43 Come Here Lad1
4C44 Courtesy of My Hall1
4C49 Gimli, Unbidden Guest5
4C50 Here Is Good Rock1 (1 poor)
4C51 Khazâd Ai-mênu4
4U53 Quick As May Be2
4C56 Search Far and Wide1
4U62 Elven Bow2
4U63 Elven Brooch1
4C64 Elven Sword6
4C67 Fereveldir, Son of Thandronen2
4C68 Ferevellon, Son of Thandronen1
4C70 Flashing Steel1
4C71 Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim4
4C74 Legolas, Elven Comrade2
4C76 Lórien Guardian1
4C78 Lórien Swordsman5
4C83 Supporting Fire3
4C85 Thandronen, Veteran Protector1
4C87 Valor4
4C90 Gandalf, The White Wizard2
4C98 Mithrandir, Mithrandir!1
4C104 Treebeard, Oldest Living Thing2
4C105 Under the Living Earth2
4C109 Aragorn, Heir of Elendil5
4C112 Boromir's Gauntlets1
4C113 Curse Them5
4C115 Defend It and Hope4
4C117 Faramir, Son of Denethor1
4C122 Gondorian Ranger3
4C128 New Errand4
4C129 Pathfinder1
4C130 Ranger of Ithilien5
4C131 Ranger's Bow7
4U132 Ranger's Sword, Blade of Aragorn2
4C134 Sword of Gondor5
4C135 War and Valor8 (1 poor)
4C137 Attack on Helm's Deep4
4C141 Beyond Dark Mountains2
4C142 Broad-bladed Sword1
4C145 Cloud of Arrows1
4R146 Come Down1
4C151 Ferocity3
4C153 Gríma, Son of Galmód2
4C156 Kill Them Now2
4R163 No Dawn for Men1 (1 poor)
4C165 Orthanc Warrior1
4C175 Still They Came2
4R176 Uglúk, Servant of Saruman1
4C178 Unferth, Gríma's Bodyguard2
4C180 Uruk Besieger1
4C181 Uruk Chaser1
4C183 Uruk Crossbowman1
4C184 Uruk Defender1
4C185 Uruk Fanatic1
4C187 Uruk Foot Soldier2
4C189 Uruk Plains Runner3
4C190 Uruk Pursuer1
4C191 Uruk Rear Guard1
4C192 Uruk Regular1
4C195 Uruk Seeker1
4C197 Uruk Stalker1
4C198 Uruk Stormer1
4R200 Uruk Vanguard1 (1 poor)
4C204 Uruk-hai Marauder1
4C206 Uruk-hai Patrol2
4C207 Uruk-hai Raiding Party1
4C210 We Are the Fighting Uruk-hai1
4C212 Weary1
4U220 Desert Soldier3
4C221 Desert Spearman6
4C222 Desert Warrior4
4C224 Easterling Axeman2
4C226 Easterling Guard1
4C227 Easterling Infantry4
4C228 Easterling Lieutenant2
4C235 Gathering to the Summons1
4U236 Howl of Harad1
4C241 On the March5
4U242 Raiders From the East1
4C248 Southron Bowman1
4C252 Southron Scout1
4C254 Southron Soldier2
4C255 Southron Spear1
4C258 Southron Wanderer3
4C260 Whirling Strike4
4U263 Brego1
4C265 Elite Rider7
4C266 Éomer, Sister-son of Théoden1
4C270 Éowyn, Lady of Rohan1
4R272 Éowyn's Sword1
4C273 Fight for the Villagers1
4C277 Guma, Plains Farmer3
4U280 Herugrim1
4C281 Hlafwine, Village Farmhand1
4U282 An Honorable Charge1
4C283 Horse of Rohan1
4C286 Rider of Rohan1
4C287 Rider's Mount7
4C288 Rider's Spear7
4C291 Sword of Rohan2
4C292 Théoden, Son of Thengel2
4C297 Work for the Sword8
4C302 Frodo, Tired Traveller8
4C306 Hobbit Sword9
4C308 Knocked on the Head4
4U309 Light Shining Faintly1
4C310 Merry, Learned Guide1
4C314 Pippin, Woolly-footed Rascal1
4C316 Sam, Samwise the Brave1
4C319 Severed His Bonds7
4C321 Swiftly and Softly6
4C322 Warmed Up a Bit4
4U326 Horse-country5
4U327 Plains of Rohan2
4U329 Western Emyn Muil1
4U333 Plains of Rohan Camp3
4U335 Uruk Camp1
4U336 Wold of Rohan3
4U337 Barrows of Edoras1
4U339 Stables5
4U342 Westemnet Plains1
4U344 Westemnet Hills2
4U346 White Rocks3
4U349 Helm's Gate2
4U351 Hornburg Parapet3
4U352 Caves of Aglarond1
4U354 Hornburg Armory7
4U356 Hornburg Causeway2
4U357 King's Room3
4U358 Ring of Isengard1
4U359 Wizard's Vale3
4U360 Fortress of Orthanc2
4U363 Palantír Chamber4
5U1 Dunlending Rampager2
5U2 Dunlending Renegade2
5C6 Defending the Keep3
5U8 Horn of Helm1
5U10 Balglin, Elven Warrior3
5U12 Legolas' Sword2
5C14 That Is No Orc Horn3
5U15 Birchseed, Tall Statesman5
5C17 Forest Guardian4
5U20 Turn of the Tide1
5U22 Evil-smelling Fens1
5C24 Gollum, Nasty Treacherous Creature4
5C27 Poor Wretch7
5C28 Sméagol, Old Noser7
5C30 We Must Have It3
5R31 Alcarin, Warrior of Lamedon1
5C32 Citadel of the Stars1
5C33 City Wall2
5U34 Fall Back1
5C35 Gondorian Knight4
5C36 Knight of Gondor3
5C37 Men of Númenor3
5U38 Rally Point2
5R39 Stone Tower2
5C40 Take Cover5
5R41 These Are My People1
5U42 Turgon, Man of Belfalas1
5C43 War Must Be2
5U44 Battering Ram2
5U45 Berserk Rager1
5U48 Black Shapes Crawling1
5C52 Isengard Flanker11
5C53 Isengard Rider9
5U55 Isengard Scout Troop1
5U57 Scaling Ladder1
5C61 Uruk Engineer4
5C62 Uruk Sapper3
5U63 Uruk-hai Berserker2
5U64 War-warg10
5C65 Warg11
5C66 Warg-master10
5C67 Warg-rider10
5C68 Wolf-voices10
5C73 Mûmak7
5C74 Southron Marcher6
5C75 Southron Runner8
5C76 Southron Traveler8
5U77 Strength in Numbers1
5U79 Armory1
5U80 Arrow-slits1
5C81 Ecglaf, Courageous Farmer2
5R82 Gamling, Warrior of Rohan1
5C83 Household Guard7
5C85 Let Us Be Swift1
5U87 Parapet1
5C88 Rohirrim Bow5
5C90 Rohirrim Scout4
5C91 Rohirrim Shield7
5U92 Sigewulf, Brave Volunteer1
5C93 Théoden, King of the Golden Hall3
5C97 Gate Soldier3
5C98 Gate Trooper6
5C99 Gate Veteran4
5U104 Orc Cutthroat7
5U105 Orc Fighter1
5C106 Orc Infantry4
5C108 Orc Pursuer5
5C109 Orc Runner5
5U111 Frodo, Master of the Precious2
5U114 Rare Good Ballast1
5C117 You Must Help Us7
5U118 Hornburg Wall1
5U119 Nan Curunír5
5U120 Caverns of Isengard2
5R125 Foul Horde3
6C1 Bound By Rage3
6C2 Dunlending Elder2
6C3 Dunlending Footmen1
6C4 Dunlending Headman1
6U8 Too Long Have These Peasants Stood1
6C17 Forewarned1
6U24 Boomed and Trumpeted1
6C27 Ent Avenger2
6C29 Ent Moot2
6R30 Gandalf, Mithrandir1
6C34 Roused3
6U36 Threw Down My Enemy1
6C37 Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest3
6C38 Don't Follow the Lights3
6C43 Not Listening1
6C45 Sméagol, Poor Creature2
6C48 Anborn, Skilled Huntsman1
6U51 Banner of Westernesse1
6C56 Trust2
6C59 Banner of Isengard1
6C65 Isengard Artisan4
6U66 Isengard Builder1
6C67 Isengard Journeyman1
6C71 Isengard Tinker3
6U73 Scaffolding1
6R80 Southron Archer Legion1
6U83 Fell Beast5
6U84 Spied From Above1
6R85 Sword of Dol Guldur1
6U86 Úlairë Lemenya, Winged Hunter1
6U87 Úlairë Nertëa, Winged Hunter3
6U93 Ever the Hope of Men1
6C95 Hrethel, Rider of Rohan1
6C98 Banner of the Eye3
6C99 Corpse Lights2
6C100 Dead Ones3
6U107 Troll's Chain1
6C108 Wisp of Pale Sheen6
6C111 Kept Safe6
6C112 Long Slow Wrath3
6U117 Meduseld1
6U118 Hornburg Hall2
7C1 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring3
7R2 The One Ring, Such a Weight to Carry1
7R5 Dark Ways1
7C6 Gimli, Faithful Companion1
7C11 Out of Darkness1
7U13 Reckless Pride1
7U15 Ancient Blade1
7C20 Defiance1
7C30 Uncertain Paths2
7C34 Echoes of Valinor1
7U35 Fool's Hope1
7C36 Gandalf, Defender of the West1
7R37 Gandalf, Manager of Wizards1
7R39 Glamdring, Elven Blade1
7C40 Have Patience1
7C52 Wizard Staff1
7R56 The Dead City1
7C62 It's Mine1
7R68 Scouting1
7C75 Sweeter Meats1
7U77 We Hates Them1
7C81 Aragorn, Captain of Gondor1
7C83 City of Men2
7C84 Dagger Strike4
7R85 Denethor, Steward of the City1
7C89 Duty of Two1
7C92 First Level4
7C96 Gondorian Captain1
7R97 Gondorian Merchant1
7C105 I Will Go1
7C106 Ingold1
7C108 Knight's Spear2
7C111 Man the Walls3
7R114 Pippin's Sword1
7C115 Ranger of Minas Tirith1
7C117 Reckless Counter1
7C118 Second Level6
7C124 Targon1
7U125 Third Level2
7R127 Vorondil1
7C130 Dark Tidings1
7C131 Desert Fighter1
7C133 Desert Runner1
7U134 Desert Scout1
7C135 Desert Sneak2
7C142 Easterling Blademaster1
7C144 Easterling Ransacker1
7R152 Mûmak Commander1
7C154 New Strength Came Now1
7C155 Raider Bow1
7C156 Raider Halberd1
7U160 Southron Bandit2
7C161 Southron Brigand1
7R164 Southron Conqueror1
7C172 Troop of Haradrim4
7R181 Held Ground1
7C189 Morgul Cur2
7C193 Morgul Lackey1
7C196 Morgul Predator1
7C199 Morgul Soldier1
7C201 Morgul Spearman2
7C209 Too Late1
7U212 Úlairë Enquëa, Faster Than Winds1
7R215 Úlairë Nelya, Assailing Minion1
7U216 Úlairë Nelya, Black-Mantled Wraith1
7U218 Úlairë Otsëa, Black-Mantled Wraith1
7C226 Enraged Horseman1
7C229 Éowyn, Restless Maiden2
7C235 Guthláf, Herald1
7C237 His Golden Shield1
7C240 Long Spear1
7C243 Morning Came2
7C246 Rohirrim Guard1
7C247 Rohirrim Herdsman1
7C248 Rohirrim Javelin3
7U252 Strong Arms1
7C253 Swift Steed1
7C256 They Sang as They Slew2
7C257 Veteran Horseman1
7U258 White Hot Fury1
7R261 With Strength to Fight1
7C262 Above the Battlement1
7C263 Anguish1
7U264 Army of Udûn1
7C265 Besieging Pike1
7R266 Breached1
7U272 Gorgoroth Engineer1
7C273 Gorgoroth Garrison1
7C275 Gorgoroth Pillager1
7C276 Gorgoroth Ransacker1
7C277 Gorgoroth Sapper1
7U282 Host of Udûn1
7C285 Mordor Defender1
7C287 Mordor Guard1
7C288 Mordor Regular4
7U289 Mordor Savage1
7C290 Mordor Soldier1
7C291 Mordor Trooper1
7U292 Mordor Veteran1 (1 poor)
7U295 Orc Assault Band1
7C296 Orc Brood2
7C297 Orc Butcher1
7C298 Orc Chaser1
7C299 Orc Destroyer1
7C300 Orc Fanatic1
7U301 Orc Marauder1
7C303 Orc Pursuer1
7C304 Orc Rager1
7U309 Rope and Winch1
7U310 Sauron's Hatred1
7R311 Siege Commander1
7C312 Siegecraft1
7C313 Some Secret Art of Flame1
7C315 Tower Walkway1
7C317 Frodo, Hope of Free Peoples5
7C319 Hobbit Sword3
7C323 Pippin, Sworn to Service1
7R325 Pressing On2
7C326 Sam, Needer of Vittles2
7U330 Edoras Hall3
7U332 Rohirrim Road1
7U333 Sleeping Quarters1
7U334 Steps of Edoras1
7U335 King's Tent1
7U336 Rohirrim Camp1
7U337 West Road1
7U338 Beacon of Minas Tirith1
7U339 Hall of the Kings2
7U341 Anduin Banks2
7U344 City Gates1
7U345 Pelennor Flat2
7U346 Minas Tirith Fifth Circle1
7U348 Minas Tirith Fourth Circle5
7U352 Minas Tirith Third Circle1
7U353 Osgiliath Crossing1
7U354 Pelennor Grassland1
7U356 Cross Roads5
7U357 Morgul Vale2
7U358 Morgulduin1
7U359 Northern Ithilien2
7U361 Haunted Pass1
7U363 Slag Mounds1
8C1 Aggression1
8R12 Reckless We Rode1
8C14 A Fool1
8U18 Not the First Halfling1
8R21 Shadowfax, Greatheart1
8R32 Catapult1
8C34 Faramir, Defender of Osgiliath2
8C35 Fourth Level6
8C39 Knight of Dol Amroth2
8C40 Knight's Mount3
8C41 Oathbreaker2
8U44 Sixth Level1
8U46 Spectral Sword1
8C48 Swept Away6
8C50 Black Sails of Umbar1
8C58 Corsair Plunderer2
8U60 Haradrim Marksman1
8C61 Haradwaith2
8C66 Wind That Sped Ships1
8C75 Morgul Creeper1
8C76 Morgul Lurker3
8U82 Unhindered1
8R93 Called Away1
8C106 Siege Troop1
8C109 Closer and Closer He Bent1
8U112 Song of the Shire1
8C116 We Shall Meet Again Soon1
8U118 City of the Dead1
8U120 Osgiliath Channel3
9R+17 Knife of the Galadhrim (F)1
9R22 Strands of Elven Hair (F)1
9R38 Seeing Stone of Orthanc (F)1
9R45 Horn of the Mark (F)1
9R46 The Red Arrow (F)1
9R+47 Ithil Stone (F)1
10R1 Great Day, Great Hour1
10R3 More Yet to Come1
10R14 Borne Far Away1
10C27 Dead Man of Dunharrow1
10R29 Drawing His Eye1
10C30 End of the Game1
10C34 Last Throw1
10R38 Corsair Brute1
10C50 Southron Savage1
10C61 Houses of Lamentation5
10C64 Stooping to the Kill2
10C66 Ten Times Outnumbered1
10U70 Úlairë Nelya, Thrall of The One1
10R71 Úlairë Toldëa, Thrall of the One1
10R75 Advance Captain2
10U78 Advance Scout3
10C79 Barren Land1
10C80 Beaten Back3
10C81 Cirith Ungol Guard4
10U83 Cirith Ungol Sentinel3
10C84 Cirith Ungol Sentry1
10C85 Flames Within1
10C86 Gorgoroth Keeper2
10C87 Gorgoroth Swarm2
10C90 Mordor Brute2
10C91 Mordor Fiend2
10U92 Mordor Pillager1
10U96 Rank and File2
10C103 Window of the Eye2
10C106 Chance Observation4
10C107 Great Heart4
10C109 Make Haste1
10C110 A Marvel2
10C112 Nine-fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom3
10U115 Slunk Out of Sight2
10U116 The Tale of the Great Ring1
10U119 Steward's Tomb1 (1 poor)
11S2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring2
11U3 Axe of Khazad-dûm1
11C4 Battle to the Last4
11C5 Dwarven Embassy5
11U6 Fallen Lord1
11C7 Farin, Emissary of Erebor4
11U8 Gimli, Lively Combatant1
11R9 Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon1
11R10 Grimir, Dwarven Emissary1
11C13 On Guard10
11R14 Well-equipped1
11U15 Arwen, Staunch Defender3
11U16 Blade of Lindon1
11C19 Farewell to Lórien3
11S20 The Lady's Blessing2
11R22 Legolas, Woodland Emissary1
11R23 Legolas' Bow1
11R24 Might of the Elf-lords1
11U26 Uncertain Future1
11C27 Woodland Sentinel4
11U28 The Art of Gandalf3
11U29 Ease the Burden2
11C31 Final Account9
11C36 Inspiration4
11U37 New Authority3
11U38 New-awakened2
11C39 Prolonged Struggle4
11U40 Shadowfax, Unequaled Steed1
11U41 Frenzied Attack1
11R44 Incited1
11C46 Master Commands It8
11U47 No End of Wickedness6
11U52 Strange and Terrible2
11S53 Aragorn, Guide and Protector1
11U55 Armor of the Citadel2
11S56 Battle Cry1
11U59 Gondorian Blade1
11U61 Houses of Healing1
11C62 Madril, Ranger of Ithilien1
11C63 Much-needed Rest1
11S65 Ranger of Westernesse1
11R70 Bloodthirsty1
11C71 Bold and Cunning7
11C72 Column of Easterlings4
11C73 Corps of Harad13
11U74 Detachment of Haradrim2
11R75 Easterling Host1
11C76 Easterling Shield Wall5
11S77 Elder of Dunland9
11C79 Fearsome Dunlending4
11U80 Ferocious Haradrim5
11S82 Footman of Dunland2
11C83 Force of Harad8
11S84 Harad Standard-bearer6
11C85 Horde of Harad4
11C86 Invading Haradrim12
11C89 Long Battle Bow7
11S90 Man of Bree3
11S92 Overrun2
11C93 Patroller of Haradrim7
11S95 Poleaxe10
11S97 Raging Dunlending10
11C98 Rampaging Easterling7
11U99 Squad of Haradrim5
11R100 Strange-looking Men1
11C101 Swarthy Bree-lander5
11C102 Throng of Harad4
11C103 Warrior of Dunland9
11U105 Wielding the Ring4
11U106 Armed for Battle1
11C107 Barbarous Orc6
11C111 Champion Orc3
11C113 Cutthroat Orc3
11U114 Demoralized1
11S115 Denizen of Khazad-dûm4
11S116 Denizen of Moria2
11S117 Denizen of the Black Pit2
11U118 Dread and Despair1
11C120 Entrapping Orc11
11C121 Foraging Orc6
11C122 Frenzied Orc3
11U124 Hill Orc1
11C125 Isengard Underling3
11S126 Marauding Orcs1
11C127 Mocking Goblin4
11C128 Mordor Scimitar3
11C129 Mountain Orc8
11S130 Orc Hammer1
11C131 Orc Miscreant6
11C132 Orkish Smith6
11R134 Persistent Orc1
11C136 Prowling Orc2
11S138 Skulking Goblin1
11C140 Strength in Shadows8
11S142 Unyielding Goblin4
11U145 Éomer, Guardian of the Eastmark7
11S146 Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan1
11C148 Hrothlac, Man of Rohan6
11U149 Protecting the Hall4
11S150 Rally Cry5
11S152 Riddermark Soldier4
11S153 Rider's Spear4
11C155 Riding Like the Wind8
11U156 Rohirrim Mount12
11C157 Rush of Steeds5
11U159 Théoden, King of the Eorlingas5
11S160 War Now Calls Us4
11S161 Concerning Hobbits3
11C162 Crouched Down13
11U163 Farmer Maggot, Hobbit of the Marish7
11S164 Frodo, Protected by Many6
11S166 Hobbit Sword8
11C167 Incognito3
11C168 Merry, Loyal Companion7
11C169 The More, The Merrier6
11R171 Salt from the Shire1
11U172 Sam, Steadfast Friend4
11S174 Sworn Companion8
11U175 A Task Now to Be Done6
11S176 Unharmed2
11S178 Bloodthirsty Uruk4
11S180 Brutality3
11R181 Determined Uruk2
11U182 Devastation4
11S183 Feral Uruk4
11U185 Fortitude1
11S187 Furor7
11S188 Hounding Uruk2
11U189 Intimidating Uruk4
11U191 Isengard Siege Bow1
11C192 Isengard Sword2
11S193 Lookout Uruk4
11C195 Murderous Uruk6
11C196 Our Foes Are Weak7
11U197 Overpowering Uruk4
11C198 Patrol of Uruk-hai5
11C199 Relentless Uruk4
11C200 Ruthless Uruk5
11C201 Sentinel Uruk4
11C202 Squad of Uruk-hai8
11C203 Swarming Uruk12
11C204 Tyrannical Uruk6
11R205 Vigilant Uruk1
11C206 Watchman Uruk5
11U208 Dark Wings1
11S209 Drawn to Its Power1
11S213 Moving This Way2
11S215 Riders in Black1
11R216 A Shadow Rises1
11U218 Surrounded by Wraiths1
11S220 Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders1
11S221 Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders1
11S223 Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine Riders3
11S225 Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine Riders2
11U227 Anduin Banks2
11S230 Buckland Homestead2
11S231 Caras Galadhon3
11S232 Cavern Entrance1 (1 poor)
11S236 East Road2
11S240 Flats of Rohan1
11S241 Fortress of Orthanc3
11S242 Green Dragon Inn3
11S243 Harrowdale1
11U244 Heights of Isengard2
11S245 Helm's Gate1
11U246 Mere of Dead Faces1
11S248 Moria Stairway1
11S250 North Undeep1
11S252 Osgiliath Reclaimed1
11S254 Pelennor Flat1
11S256 The Prancing Pony1
11S258 Slag Mounds2
11S259 Stables3
11S260 Trollshaw Forest1
11S261 Valley of the Silverlode1
11S266 Woody-End1
12U1 Argument Ready to Hand1
12U3 A Clamour of Many Voices1
12C4 Durability6
12C6 Dwarven Skill5
12C7 Dwarven Warrior7
12C8 His Father's Charge2
12U11 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf1
12U15 Thrarin, Smith of Erebor1
12C16 Attunement6
12C20 Orophin, Brother of Haldir7
12C22 Rúmil, Brother of Haldir7
12U25 Betrayal of Isengard1
12R26 Discoveries1
12R30 Járnsmid, Barding Emissary1
12C31 Mysterious Wizard5
12C32 Salve1
12C33 The Terror of His Coming3
12C34 Traveled Leader8
12C40 There's Another Way2
12C44 Concealment5
12C45 Confronting the Eye2
12C46 Elendil's Valor2
12R47 Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor1
12U49 Gondorian Steed1
12U51 Invigorated2
12C52 Tireless2
12C53 Valorous Leader6
12S55 Brutal Easterling6
12U58 Countless Companies3
12C59 Covetous Easterling4
12C60 Crazed Hillman3
12C61 Crooked Townsman6
12U62 Dunlending Zealot1
12C64 Enraged Southron2
12S65 Frenzied Dunlending1
12U66 Gathering Strength1 (1 poor)
12C67 Goaded to War5
12C70 Hemmed In6
12U71 Last Days1
12C77 War Trident5
12C78 Wrathful Hillman6
12C84 Bloodstained Field6
12C87 Goblin Aggressor7
12C88 Great Cost7
12U89 Mordor Aggressor1
12U90 Morgul Tormentor2
12C92 Orc Dreg1
12C93 Orc Footman6
12U94 Orc Sapper1
12C95 Orc Skulker7
12C96 Orc Spear8
12U97 Orc Strategist1
12C98 Orc Tormentor5
12U99 Pitiless Orc1
12C102 Scavenging Goblins7
12U103 Storming the Ramparts1
12R105 Troll's Keyward, Keeper of the Beast1
12C106 Vile Goblin7
12C107 Aldred, Éored Soldier5
12C109 Challenging the Orc-host3
12C110 Cleaving a Path2
12U112 Éomer, Éored Leader1
12S113 Éored Warrior2
12C114 For the Mark5
12C115 Golden Glimmer5
12U117 Léofric, Defender of the Mark1
12C121 Flotsam and Jetsam5
12C122 Home and Hearth5
12C123 Hope is Kindled8
12S125 Measure of Comfort3
12S126 No Worse for Wear4
12C134 Advancing Uruk1
12U136 Berserker Torch1
12C137 Breeding Pit Conscript2
12R139 Broken in Defeat1
12C142 Merciless Uruk1
12C143 Quelling Force2
12S144 Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord1
12C145 Shingle in a Storm4
12C146 Strange Device2
12C149 Uruk Common1
12S151 Uruk Desecrator1
12S152 Uruk Dominator1
12C153 Uruk Pikeman3
12C159 Weapon of Opportunity5
12C160 Worthy of Mordor1
12U161 Black Rider1
12C164 Echo of Hooves3
12U165 In the Ringwraith's Wake2
12U166 Lingering Shadow1
12C168 Nazgûl Blade3
12U170 Sense of Obligation1
12C172 Steed of Mordor5
12C177 Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter8
12C178 Úlairë Nertëa, Black Horseman6
12C181 Unending Life2
12C182 Unimpeded4
12U184 The Witch-king's Beast, Fell Creature1
12U185 The Angle2
12U186 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm1
12U191 Shores of Nen Hithoel7
12U192 Slopes of Orodruin2
12U193 Starkhorn6
13C6 Honoring His Kinfolk2
13C7 Sorrow Shared1
13S9 Arwen, Reflection of Lúthien1
13C12 City of the Trees1
13C13 Crashing Cavalry1
13C14 Final Shot2
13C16 Inside a Song1
13U19 Let Fly1
13C23 Shrouded Elf5
13C24 Spring Forth Nimbly1
13C25 Standing Tall1
13U28 Alatar, Final Envoy1
13C29 Dasron, Merchant From Dorwinion3
13C30 Fear and Great Wonder1
13C32 For a While Less Dark1
13C35 No Colour Now1
13C41 Strange Meeting1
13U45 Cunningly Hidden1
13C47 Duality1
13C51 It's My Birthday4
13C54 Out of All Knowledge1
13U56 Softly Up Behind1
13R58 Wild Light of Madness1
13U60 Away on the Wind1
13S62 Boromir, Doomed Heir1
13C66 Faramir, Prince of Ithilien1
13C68 Guarded City1
13C69 Heirs of Gondor5
13U70 Hope Renewed1
13C73 Kingsfoil2
13S74 Rally the Company1
13U75 Stewards' Legacy2
13C77 Tradesman From Lebennin2
13R80 Radagast Deceived1
13C82 Bring Down the Wall1
13R86 Desert Wind1
13C87 Driven From the Plains2
13U88 Dunlending Patriarch4
13C90 Easterling Runner2
13C97 Pirate Cutthroat1
13S99 Stragglers1
13S100 Vicious Dunlending3
13C102 Worn Battleaxe6
13R104 Chamber Patrol1
13U105 Defiled1
13U106 Enemy Upon Enemy1
13C107 Expendable Servants1
13C111 Massing Strength1
13C113 Orc Line-breaker2
13C116 Orc Reaper1
13C119 Underdeeps Denizen2
13C121 Whatever Means2
13C125 Ferthu Théoden Hal1
13R126 Firefoot, Mearas of The Mark1
13C127 Freely Across Our Land2
13U130 Hurried Barrows1
13C132 Merchant of Westfold1
13C133 Riddermark Tactician1
13C134 Ride With Me1
13C145 Don't Let Go4
13U146 Everything but My Bones3
13C147 Faith in Friendship2
13C157 Westfarthing Businessman2
13C159 Assault Denizen1 (1 poor)
13C160 Cavern Denizen1
13C161 Endless Assault1
13C162 Enemy Without Number5
13C163 Entranced Uruk1
13C164 Fearless Approach2
13C168 Uruk Aggressor1
13C172 Uruk Outrider2
13C173 Uruk Reserve1
13C175 Uruk Tactician1
13C176 War Machine3
13U181 They Came From Mordor1
13U183 Úlairë Lemenya, Servant of the Shadow1
13C184 Úlairë Nertëa, Servant of the Shadow1
13U190 Doors of Durin1
13RF4 Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation (F)1
15C25 Sword of the Fallen1
15C59 Dúnedain of the South1
15C80 Great Axe1
15C105 Black Land Spy1
15C116 Scouting Orc1
15C120 Veteran War Chief1
15C125 Éowyn, Willing Fighter1
15C127 Grim Trophy1
15C136 Rohirrim Axe1
15C144 Frodo, Weary From the Journey1
15C145 Hobbit Sword1
15C156 Charging Uruk1
15C167 Pursuing Uruk1
15C169 Seeking Uruk1
15C179 Violent Hurl1
15R184 Úlairë Attëa, Desirous of Power1
17U42 Easterling Dispatcher1
17C47 Primitive Brand1
17C51 Stampeding Madman1
17C54 Stampeding Shepherd1
17C62 Vengeful Savage1
17C64 Vengeful Pillager2
17C68 Chaotic Clash1
17C69 Cry and Panic1
17C120 White Hand Attacker1
17C122 White Hand Butcher1
17C125 White Hand Enforcer1
17C127 White Hand Intruder1
17C128 White Hand Invader1
17C131 White Hand Slayer2
17C133 White Hand Trooper1
17C134 White Hand Vanquisher2
17C136 White Hand Warrior1
18C3 Thorin's Harp1
18C9 Elven Defender4
18U23 One-Upsmanship2
18U33 Set Up1
18U37 Trusted Promise2
18C44 Defenses Long Held1
18C49 Faramir's Company1
18C51 For Gondor!1
18C65 Declined Business1
18C68 Harry Goatleaf3
18C72 Ruffian3
18C73 Rough Man of the South2
18C74 Squint-eyed Southerner1
18U78 Destroyers and Usurpers1
18C87 Orkish Breeder3
18C88 Orkish Defender2
18C89 Orkish Headsman2
18C91 Orkish Sneak1
18U92 War Preparations3
18C101 Precise Attack1
18U120 New Forges Built2